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BIZSERVICES UK is a business based in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering 100% natural high-quality products, that are affordable to all and supported by our fast, reliable, and efficient service. With our many years of experience, whether you are an independent hotelier or global chain, we know your guests want to enjoy their stay with maximum convenience and satisfaction Our head offices and distribution centre is based in Uxbridge where founder Mr M L R Perera is very much at the forefront of the business. We have an extensive catalogue of products that continues to increase; from 10 toiletry ranges in 2018 expanding in 2019 to 21 ranges offering a wide choice of luxury and economy ranges to suit any décor and guest requirements.

Ayurveda 100% natural Hotel Toiletries at Affordable Prices

Bizservices UK offer a range of natural herbal toiletries for the hospitality industry. We have an extensive selection of 100% natural products. The beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka has been a treasure trove of natural healing wonders, strengthened through thousands of years of indigenous Hela-Veda natural healing systems and natural Ayurveda healing. These ancient natural healing systems are still carefully practiced today by skilled physicians, the vast herbal knowledge having been precisely documented and passed down through the ages through the writing on ancient Ola leaves. our ancestors' reliance on nature was however not only limited to health, having also been embraced for beauty purposes, evidence of which still adorns the rock walls of the ancient Sigiriya Rock Palace.

“MEDICINAL PLANT BOOK” ‘A Collection of Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka’,

a truly remarkable book and a great source of knowledge for naturalists & plant researchers. This illustrative book contains detailed information regarding 348 medicinal plants traditionally used in Sri Lanka, including their chemistry and bioactivity. Each plant description includes colour photographs, botanical name, synonyms, common names, status, useful plant parts in traditional medicine, uses in traditional medicine, chemical constituents, bioactivity and where applicable, clinical studies with references.


100% Natural

“Medicinal Plant book”

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